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Napsal: 07 úno 2017, 13:03
od adventura
P2P platforma z Litvy

info ... of-lenndy/

co jsem tak rychle koukal
BBG, uroky kolem 12pa - 15pa, doba 1 mesic a dal
typy pujcek - invoice financing, hypoteky, auta

celkem zajimava alternativa v pobalti

popis registrace - verifikace prez paysera ... k/?lang=en


Napsal: 28 úno 2017, 16:39
od adventura
na Lenndy maji "investorky klub" a pokud v nem jste, tak muzete dostat +1pa jako bonus

We have a club which allows our investors to get +1% bonus for investment when we ask you to “close” the loan. It works like this: I ask you to close the loan where is only few thousands left and funding time is coming to an end. You choose if you’d like to invest or not (average amount varies from 3000-5000 EUR). If you agree to invest we give extra +1% for the invested amount.


Napsal: 25 dub 2017, 16:36
od Finlord
Dobrý den, podívali jsme se na platformu Lenndy :-). Recenze zde: ... p2p-smeti/


Napsal: 25 dub 2017, 17:12
od Saraph
To zní podezřele podobně jako :)


Napsal: 26 dub 2017, 09:47
od Finlord
Saraph píše:To zní podezřele podobně jako :)
JJ, dost možná se v názvu inspirovali :-)


Napsal: 05 kvě 2017, 08:12
od adventura

Due to increased attraction from international investors, Lenndy is moving to Latvia and will be operated by SIA Lenndy. From the 5th of May 2017, lending marketplace will be operated by the company established in Latvia, which will engage in activities associated with the sale of claim rights of underlying loans.

Nothing is expected to change for current users – all obligations will be further handled by UAB Lenndy.

You can use your existing login details to reach your current investment portfolio. To invest in new loan projects published by SIA Lenndy you will have to register new account at and use a different email. Once registered, you will be able to link your Paysera account and invest in loan projects.

For any further questions you can reach us by email: